America’s Healthiest Restaurant

    Fox Restaurant Concepts

I recently enjoyed a new experience (for me) in casual dining in Phoenix, Arizona. The restaurant is called True Food and the concept is one designed by Fox Restaurant Concepts and the motto is ‘Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple and Pure’. There are two True Food restaurants in Arizona, three in California and one in Colorado. The restaurants all operate on a sustainable platform and are all certified by the Green Restaurant Association.

True Food prides itself on being ‘America’s Healthiest Restaurant’ and the menu is based on Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet. Each and every menu item has a physiological benefit. This is achieved with a wide array of attractively presented and extremely tasty options from Asian Vegetable Salad with Kelp Noodles, Asparagus, Shitake and Ginger Vinaigrette to
a cocktail appropriately titled ‘Spontaneous Happiness’ consisting of Ginger and Vanilla infused Sochu, St. Germain elderflower liqueur and Fresh Lime. (It truly creates a spontaneous sense of wellbeing!). I had Panang curry with chicken and it was incredible!

Another unique feature of True Food is that all its food prep takes place on an array of prep stations within the dining space itself
almost theatre style, yes the shrimp you see being de-veined over there IS destined for your plate. This generates a pleasant curiosity and a talking point as you wait to be served.

This ties into Health & Wellness trend and in particular, the sub trend of “Proactive Prevention”, with consumers proactively defending the body against future disease and illness through healthier choices.

Submitted by Denise Murphy, Dublin