Convenience using technology

The street food truck phenomenon continues to thrive in Manhattan and it’s surrounding neighbourhoods. These food trucks offer fresh food in convenient locations to consumers who are looking to dine on the go (Tapping into the trend of Fluid Lives).

There is a diverse offering among the food trucks who typically specialise in foreign cuisines and there is a heavy focus on South American and Asian flavours. The Korean Mexican fusion is the hottest trend at the moment in NYC and this has started to diversify with fusions such as Korean BBQ.

Social media is the strongest connection between the consumer and the brand as they all use Twitter to update consumers on their location and menu offering.  Twitter is also used to take food orders so that the consumer can conveniently turn up at the truck to collect their meal thus saving them time when they are on the go. Instead of a till system all communication and transactions can be completed on an iPad and consumers can enter in their details or swipe using an add on card reader.

Submitted by Tom Collins, Dublin