Fashion designer endorses chocolates

Chocolate packaging Harald Glööckler  is a fashion designer. He was hired by Ludwig Schokolade to come with a new premium line of chocolates – the result is Glööckler Pralinöös.  Ludwig Schokolade manufacture Trumpf and Schogetten (available in Aldi & Lidl).

Harald Glööckler is a fashion designer and the man that is said to be the answer to Gianni Versace. Or that he will become the successor to Karl Lagerfeld. He creates fashion like Vivienne Westwood did at her best and most creative of times. Like
Coco Chanel on LSD. (Quote: FAZ)

Harald Glööckler is decked out like “Las Vegas on two legs” . (Quote: Die Zeit)

As he explains,

“I am Harald Glööckler – nothing more and nothing less, that has to be enough”!

The product is retailing at €4.99 (85g) and €9.99 (180g) and is available to purchase online and other retail outlets.


Submitted by Miriam Tuomey, Dublin