Bubblicity – Ireland’s first Bubble tea shop



Bubblicity is Ireland’s first Bubble Tea shop, serving up a wide range of refreshing iced-teas combined with natural fruit flavours and unique chewy bubbles. Opening in summer 2012, this on-the-go tea drink, which is very popular in Asia, is now another alternative for Dublin’s coffee and smoothie drinkers.

Bubblicity’s offering also includes Bubblicity raw juices, which are 100 per cent natural, organic and all locally sourced. Its in-store branding,  website and Social Media outlets all offer reminders that the juices are not only packed full of nutrients and health benefits but also taste delicious. While clearly targeting a young health conscious consumer, Bubblicity also has a colourful and fun dimension, which would not normally be associated with healthy offerings.

Several of Bord Bia’s Consumer Lifestyle Trends are evident here, all of which are key messages in the company’s branding.

• Health & Wellness: Bubblicity teas are fat free, vegan friendly, colourful and refreshing, while the juices are 100% natural and nutritious. Its dairy, sugar and gluten free options also cater to the growing free-from market. The company also offers detox advice both in store and via its website.

• Keeping it Real / Responsible Living: Bubblicity communicates on pack that its juices are organic, seasonal and locally sourced – “direct from farm to cup”. For many consumers, living an environmentally conscious life is important, but not a top priority. Bubblicity offers these consumers a chance to play their part in a relatively affordable way.

• Simple Pleasures: This trend reminds us that consumers want to get more enjoyment from the simple things in life; to have experiences that add more fun and meaning. Bubblicity, with its bright, colourful branding and unique fat straws (“for sucking up the fat bubbles”) offers something new and different.  Its catering service has also become popular with Hens, weddings and private parties, where a Bubble Tea reception adds a funky new twist to entertaining guests.

• Fluid Lives: Sold in two Dublin city centre street outlets, Bubblicity teas and juices come as single serve portions and can be consumed on the go.
What struck me most about Bubblicity, is how well they incorporate all the key on-trend messaging into their brand communication. Their shops can be found in Dublin’s Georges Street Arcade and Middle Abbey Street. Franchise opportunities are now being offered from the company’s website –  www.bubblicity.ie

Jimmy Corr, Dublin