Chocolate covered crisps

choc lays

On a recent trip to Chicago, I found these Chocolate covered potato chips selling in Target stores, they are a limited edition for the holiday season, but its said that if they do well, they will be continued. These chocolate covered crisps retail for $3.49 for a 5oz bag.

This fits well into the Simple Pleasures CLT  (in particular ‘fun & play’ subtrend)  by mixing salty and sweet, with chocolate covered pretzels having been popular for some time now. There is also a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavour called “Late Night Snack” which is a vanilla ice cream with salty caramel and fudge covered potato chip clusters. The salty sweet trend has really caught on and seems to be where the market is at.
This seems like a good step forward from the Tayto chocolate bar which was quite the novelty when it came out, and people seem to be only buying it the one time just to say they have tried it.

Submitted by: Georgia Hickey, International Markets, Dublin