Dining out at home in Southeast Asia

Eating out in Malayia

Southeast Asian foodies are ‘going off the eaten track’ with a new online service called Plate Culture, a business run by two Lithuanian women based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  It touts itself as a ‘community which invites you to dine in real homes and eat authentic food’, and has been compared to an ‘AirBnB’ for authentic home-cooked dinners.

With most activity based around Kuala Lumpur and neighbouring Singapore for now, the entrepreneurs have set their sights on expanding their online supper club throughout the region.  The offerings reflect the diverse cuisines of Malaysia- with its three main ethnic groups: Malay, Chinese and Indian- and the region’s large international expat population adding international flavours to the culinary melting pot.

With prices ranging from US$6 to 60 per guest, Plate Culture’s website promises the opportunity to meet interesting people, enjoy authentic home-cooked cuisine and a unique dining experience.  The process is simple: pick your experience, choose a date and book, and have an ‘unforgettable experience’.  Budding supper-club hosts also have the opportunity to list their own kitchens as dinner venues through the website.

This fits into the Simple Pleasures Consumer Lifestyle Trend (“seeking connections” subtrend), where people are looking to build closer connections with others and broadening their social circles, while trying some new food. 

Submitted by Nick McIlroy – Bord Bia Asia


Image: plateculture.com