I came across Pipcorn at a Brooklyn farmers market a couple of weeks back. Its a new type of popcorn that they have developed by working with farmers to grow very small kernels! It is GM free, organic etc, so likely to be a more niche product but definitely very interesting.

The product is a small kernel hulless popcorn. When popped, the shells on these special little kernels break up into very small pieces. This means a product that is easier to digest with no floss required. They have a range of flavourts from savoury rosemary or crabby flavour to the traditional sea salt and even a kettle flavoured pipcorn.

It’s a family affair started by a brother and sister in America who are always looking for a snack that doesn’t hurt Jen’s stomach (Jen unfortunately suffers from a few digestive conditions).

This product definitely fits into the Health and Wellness trend, offering a tasty solution to people with allergies and intolerances.

Their website is http://pipsnacks.com.


Submitted by Rory McDonnell, Dublin