The Irish Version of the New York Food Truck

In a previous trendtracker article we looked at the New York food truck as a convenient food solution for consumers on the go. Recently we have seen what represents the Irish version of one of these mobile food trucks.
A Killer Sandwich is Dublin’s latest food innovation initiative with their main point of difference being that you place your order via Twitter (that is, if you make the list). You must order on a Wednesday ready to collect their sandwich from the collection point, the Twisted Pepper on Abbey Street in the city centre on Friday.
Demand exceeds supply at the moment due to the wildfire of recommendations that have spread by word of mouth as their consumers act as their marketers and ambassadors. The sandwich changes every week which offers consumers that feeling of exclusivity and being one of the few that can enjoy the latest food trend.
We have seen an increase in online food shopping this year as it becomes more of an established behaviour. Retailers have introduced initiatives such as click & collect and A Killer Sandwich has utilised this method for their business. To further enhance the Consumer Lifestyle Trend of Fluid Lives and also to respond to their ever growing demand, A Killer Sandwich is looking at additional pick up locations or drop off points around the city centre. –

Submitted by Tom Collins, Dublin