Extending shelf life & reduce waste with jars?

Here we have two examples of how jars are extending the shelf life of salads and cookie mixes.

Layered salads

This a new salad concept that works by layering the salad ingredients, starting with the dressing and the heaviest elements on the bottom and working up to the lightest before sealing. The salad can generally be held for up to five days in the fridge. The different elements don’t mix and therefore don’t become soggy until the jar is shook up. It seems to be trending on websites promoting healthier lifestyles and for mothers as it can be made in advance. It has also been promoted as a good way to save money and manage waste reduction by a number of blogs (back to her roots, Skinny Mom’s kitchen and the kitchn)

In terms of consumer lifestyle trends, it falls under Quest for Health and Wellness and Fluid lives – by extending the shelf life and saving time preparing meals.

Baking jars

The jars with the baking ingredients are again layered up but as they are just the dry ingredients the weight of them doesn’t seem too important so the layers are built to be aesthetically pleasing (the salad jars look nice too!). Wet ingredients (eggs or butter generally) are then added to the jar contents to make the batter. These seem to be targeted primarily as gifts for women, although I would guess women who don’t generally bake or who are time poor as the ingredients are pre-weighted. They are also intended to encourage children to bake as the process is quite easy and clean as the dry ingredients are weighed in advance. Again the jars are reuse able so waste is reduced so could potentially aimed at people who are conscious of waste.

The products, made by Mummy’s Yummies cost £9.50 and were available at Jamie Oliver’s Recipease in Brighton.


Submitted by: Aoife Moran, UK

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