Technology for ordering and reservations

Grillshack is a casual diner in London’s Soho, owned by restaurant magnate Richard Caring and run by former Gordon Ramsay Head Chef, Mark Askew. Despite having only recently been opened in September 2013, it is becoming well known for it’s innovative use of technology for ordering food. Diners can either order conventionally at the counter (no table service is offered) or order from their seat via a mobile app or a touchscreen in the restaurant.  Click here for more information on the ordering process.

They are also using technology to reserve a table – although the restaurant will not take advance bookings, diners will be able to access a waiting list for a table using their smartphone.  Once their table is ready, they will get an SMS and have 15 minutes to get to the table.

Grillshack is following the trend of more casual dining – a paired down menu and a more relaxed atmosphere.  Fits well into ‘Consumers In Control’ Trend.

Submitted by: Henry Horkan, London