Excuse the pun but Hi Lo BBQ was one of our Hi-lights during our Expedition to San Francisco. The concept is casual and comfortable with heart warming food inspired by wood-fired cooking techniques and of course barbeque traditions. The common “family style” menu sharing is another trend that seems to have rooted itself into US foodservice and helps create that casual and relaxed atmosphere.

The team at Hi Lo are passionate about the local trend that we found engrained in the SF food culture. They have innovated what would be rustic and authentic ingredients by using seasonal ingredients and whatever cuts are available that week. Their meat is all organic and derives from heritage breeds. Chef Song also employs a “whole animal” program ensuring that all parts are utilised in some dish or another.

They intensely smoke and broil all of their meat on site using their 7000lb oyler pit which they have aptly named, “Precious”. Their local support extends to their friends and neighbours as they share Precious via their community smoker programme.

Light and fresh starters support the outdoor BBQ summertime tradition with the likes of the Citrus Panzanella (Orange, Satsuma, Smoked Onion, Torn Bread). The mains are the bulk of the menu as expected and features classics of Pulled Pork, Pork Ribs, Beef Brisket & Hi Lo Sausage (made in house). There are just two desserts for those who still have room left and they are the traditional Tres Leches Cake and S’Mores (choc, graham cracker, toasted meringue) served in a small glass pot.

It ties into lots of our Consumer Lifestyle Trends but perhaps most closely aligned to Keeping it Real.

Submitted by Tom Collins, Dublin