Pay for your stay at Ziferblat Café

Ziferblat Café

This trend revolves around the concept of London’s newest café opening, Ziferblat. The group currently has 10 sites in Russia, one in Ukraine and has recently made its debut in London’s Shoreditch. To put the idea simply: “Everything is free, except the time you spend there.” Visitors pay three pence per minute for an unlimited supply of tea, coffee, toast and other snacks. Each customer takes a clock on entrance, notes the time of entrance and pays accordingly when leaving. There is also a donation box for satisfied customers.

The goal is that customers can relax while reading a book, doing some art or using the free Wi-Fi. You even have the option to clean your own dishes as the kitchen is wide open to customers. They aren’t lying when they say that

Ziferblat is a place where everyone can feel at home.

Various reports have outlined that the café has become really popular of late and Timeout Magazine has called it “a contender for best opening of the year”. The concept offers a completely different experience and I look forward to see if it becomes a success here in the UK.

In relation to the Consumer Lifestyle Trends, this trend definitely fits into “Simple Pleasures”.  Ziferblat is not trying to break boundaries by offering innovative products, it is simply attempting to create memorable and relatable experiences for its customers.




Submitted by Micheal Gately, London