Latin American influences

Chefs from around the world are taking tips from their counterparts in Latin America, in particular with Peru being the leading force.  Peruvian, Brazilian and Argentinian food stalls and restaurans are popping up regularly.  Restaurant Lima in Fitzrovia, London was the first Peruvian restaurant in the UK to receive a Michelin star.

An article from Bloomberg quotes chef Alain Ducasse as saying

“The Peruvian culinary scene is incredibly vibrant. The country benefits from biodiversity, while Gaston Acurio and many young chefs are exploring the region’s culinary traditions, from ceviche to grilling techniques. Peru has a clear vision of its future in terms of both cuisine and sustainable development. The country knows also how to unite all its talents to succeed. And, even more importantly, every chef realizes he has to find his own personal style of expression. Tomorrow, Peru will become one of the leading actors on the global culinary scene.”

Some of the local foodsto Latin America that are gaining popularity include:

  • Guarana – a reddish berry found in Brazil that is sweet and juicy.  It’s gaining popularity in soda drinks – guarana flavoured sodas.  It has twice the amount of caffeine than coffee beans.  Also believed to improve memory and alertness.
  • Amora – is a berry found in Brazil which can be used for jelly
  • Pitanga – can be eaten like a cherry or found in juices