Infant formula format innovation in Japan

Hohoemi ‘Raku Raku’ With 45% of the total formula market, Japan’s leading infant formula producer Meiji introduced its patented Hohoemi ‘Raku Raku’ (easy) Infant Formula cube in 2008, and is currently only available in the Japanese market.  Meiji has expressed interest in taking this innovation West, given that the format has garnered a 25% share of the infant formula market in Japan since its launch.

The 27g tablet eliminates the need for measuring out powder.  While Meiji currently has no presence in the European or US market, they have not eliminated licensing the patent to other formula manufacturers.  The cubes feature the exact same composition as the powdered format but are popular due to their convenience.  The product is priced at a premium to the conventional powdered format.


The popularity of the format is spreading in Asia with the following benefits being identified on a Chinese online shopping website:
• 1 cube can make 40ml milk
• No need need to measure
• Non-messy & does not make hands dirty
• Small packing and easy to carry
• Outer packing is paper – better than cans for disposal
• You can make as much you want
• Anybody can make

A great example of Fluid Lives

Submitted by: Nick McIlroy, Shanghai