Irish Porridge and Matcha Tea…

I came across Irish Matcha Porridge during a recent trip to Shells Café in Strandhill, Co. Sligo. The 100% Irish porridge oats are blended with Japanese Matcha tea powder, different flavours, and packaged in a glass bottle (which I am told is to infuse the flavour, but also showcases the product well and allows it to standout in-store). Studies have shown that Matcha Tea is packed full of natural antioxidants, nutrients and energy—this blended with porridge makes for the perfect start to any day

There were three flavour blends of Matcha Porridge available in Shells Cafe, Original, Madagascan Vanilla and Sri Lankan Cinnamon; however, after a quick search online, they seem to have a variety to choose from and are readily available in speciality food stores across Ireland. I took home a bottle of the Madagascan Vanilla (which retails at €4.95)—sceptical at first (Green Tea and Porridge??), but the flavours were really good, similar to any porridge in-fact, but better—a nice vanilla twist and no strong taste of green tea at all.

This product fits well into the following Consumer Lifestyle Trends: Health and Wellness (Fortifying porridge oats with tea which is scientifically proven to be an antioxidant and contain nutrients and energy) and Simple Pleasures (Using a variety of flavours in a simple breakfast cereal to enhance the overall sensory experience).

Submitted by: David Deeley, Dublin