Toast goes Posh!

Gone are the days of just white or brown toast. There are now so many options to choose from starting with sourdough, rye, multigrain and that is just the beginning. Trendy cafes have even begun offering a toast menu, an example of this is The Shakespeare in New York which has a variety of toast offerings starting at $9 with toppings such as pumpkin and English Cheddar, pickled roasted beets, and house made ricotta.

Supermarkets are beginning to catch on to the trend of artisanal toast and are upping their game by offering a wider variety of speciality breads, one bread in particular that has caught my eye is the Cranberry and Pecan loaf from Marks & Spencer’s. This bread is delicious toasted with goats cheese and is a great example of how we are no longer just having plain boring toast.

It is not just the different breads to choose from, the toppings are becoming more and more diverse. People are no longer just spreading butter and jam on their toast. The options are endless with such a wide array of sweet and savoury options to choose from. Nut butters are becoming a popular choice as a topping, along with a variety of different cheeses as a savoury option.

This idea fits into the Consumer Lifestyle Trend of Simple Pleasures as toast is a very simple product but there are now so many different varieties of toast and toppings for consumers to choose from that they have an endless array of options.

Submitted by Georgia Hickey, Dublin