Dublin’s Latest Must Eat Restaurant

Lately in Dublin it seems most new restaurants are following the same pattern, gourmet burgers, chipotle and pulled pork etc. etc. However on a recent lunch I had the pleasure of enjoying a tasty, delicious and exciting meal in what has been dubbed by blog posts across Dublin, as the city’s most exciting new restaurant.

Everything was truly perfect, from the open plan décor, friendly staff, innovative dishes and most importantly—truly magnificent food. The menu changes every week to keep things revived and can be pre-viewed on their website (forestavenuerestaurant.ie/).

Each course had a variety of ingredients, with fresh sauces and embellishments, explained clearly by the server upon delivery.  Every element of each dish seemed to have its intended taste, plus a second layer of flavour, the ingredients complemented each other perfectly. Sampling each element on its own and all together—was a true culinary experience.   We left completely content and satisfied. It was a beyond reasonable price for the superior lunch. I cannot wait to return for more tastings!

The restaurant ties in with most of our Consumer Lifestyle Trends, however it resonates mostly with our Simple Pleasures and Responsible Living Trends.


By David Deeley, Dublin