All things grass-fed are in vogue!

All things grass-fed are set to be in vogue in Health & Wellness in the coming years. Several new, innovative food products are emphasising their grass-fed attributes. These include Epic Bars, Blue Hill Yoghurt and Grass-Fed Beef Crisps. Interestingly all of these products have originated in the US, not known as a bastion of grass fed farming.

Grass-fed is also becoming topical in sports nutrition. Where previously fats would have been avoided by elite athletes, there is now a greater understanding of the benefits of healthy fats.  The Los Angeles Lakers are one team who have driven this. They have transformed their nutritional programme and players now enjoy a diet comprising kale crisps, egg yolks and ‘bulletproof’ coffee. Elite basketball players in the US have an energy sapping 82-game seasons means that teams and coaches are constantly looking for an edge. The NBA is a significant bell-weather for global sports nutrition.

Many will be familiar with the growing fitness enterprise ‘Crossfit’ and to a lesser extent the ‘Paleo’ diet that it advocates. It involves consuming only foods available during the Paleoithic age. The Paleo diet is a backlash against modern, industrialised food and bids to return to simpler practices. With this diet being especially popular in the US, it is a positive indicator for the upcoming return of Irish beef to that market as it advocates grass-fed meat.

The products discussed in the opening paragraph are very relevant to Irish companies seeking to add value to meat products in the future while striving to ‘keep the wealthy healthy’. They fit in perfectly with our Quest for Health and Wellness Trend.

By Aonghus Ó Drisceoil, Amsterdam