Michel Et Augustin

A French biscuit brand launched in 2005 is gaining great footing in the international marketplace through its novel packaging and innovative recipes. I came across the Michel et Augustin brand which started by producing flavoured cookies and soon complemented its range with premium yoghurt drinks. More recently, it started to commercialise yoghurt ice-creams, they now have over 60 SKU’s.

The target market is definitely cash rich and time poor—the products are sold in both multi-packs and impulse, in food stores and cafés at a premium price. The communication of the brand is inspired by buddy brands such as Ben & Jerry’sNantucket Nectars or innocent Drinks, capitalising on complicity with the customer. The products fit in with our Fluid Lives trend—as consumers now demand more products which they buy-in and carry-out.

By David Deeley, Dublin