Duck, Fade St, Dublin

Positioning itself as a Hong Kong style deli, Duck offers something new to consumers on the go in the centre of Dublin. The concept is simple, a small seater restaurant serving BBQ roast meats, including Duck, Pork and Chicken but also changing specials of the day. The word “restaurant” is loosely used here as there are under 20 seats thus heightening an on-the-go consumption. One or two meats can be paired with rice, noodles or Asian vegetables allowing the consumer to make a customised choice.  A selection of six sides including duck spring rolls, sticky duck skewers and pancakes hit that “little bites”, sharing style of eating that we have seen of late. Neatly packaged into the stereotypical portable Asian takeaway boxes, consumers can pop in to dine out. The menu cleverly features a “Duck on the run” section in which you can order full ducks, chickens and large portions of the pork cuts to take home or as they say for “perfect party food”. A smart foresight which should widen their consumer base by satisfying alternative occasions thus creating a new revenue stream.

BBQ is a trend that has picked up over the last 18 months with more consumers taking an interest in slow cooking and new flavours in terms of meat cuts, marinades and sauces but also as a dining out option (Aussie BBQ, Pitt Bros, and Bison – Dublin). We have also seen an explosion in Asian flavours and cooking reflected in the number of Asian restaurants opening up e.g. Neon (Dublin) and Ramen (Cork). Duck is an innovative combination of two current flavour trends offering an exciting on the go option which further adds to the variety and diversity of the current foodservice scene.

Duck falls within the Fluid Lives trend for convenience but also under Simple Pleasures in terms of their flavours and cuisine.  You could also work it into Keeping it Real as the restaurant depicts transparency with their open kitchen and cooked meats hanging from the ceiling.

By Tom Collins, Dublin