The Fairyhouse Wine and Cookery School now enrolling Kids


The Mom (or Dad) and Me Baking course at the Fairyhouse Cookery School, allows family members to take time out from their busy schedules to enjoy a fun day where they work together as a team; building connections with each-other, whilst experimenting with food and learning new/improved baking skills.

Connecting and valuing time with loved ones has become a top priority for people and as food has gained greater meaning in people’s lives as a route for self- improvement, connection and experimentation, the Mom (or Dad) and Me Baking course ticks all the boxes when it comes to Simple Pleasures. The trend allows for enhanced connections which is important within the simple pleasures trend, and also compliments perfectly the heightened interest in cooking amongst consumers. It also fits in with the Health and Wellness Trend as it will help children to learn more about cooking and thus set them up for a better start in life.

By Mairead Cassidy, Dublin