Cereal Café- London

A new London café offering an unusual all day breakfast menu will open in early December in Shoreditch. The café, headed up by two twin brothers from Northern Ireland merges the trends of Keeping it Real and Simple Pleasures with one of the most popular and growing meal day-parts, the almighty breakfast.
Cereal Killer Café is the UK’s first cereal café and whilst deemed to be somewhat of a novelty, the two brothers see longevity in their concept. The menu will span 100 cereals to include everything from Special K to the more nostalgic childhood cereals such as Lucky Charms.
Touching on other growing trends such as menu personalisation and customisation, customers can tailor their cereal dish with choices of 12 milks and 20 toppings. Their extensive range of milks will cater to vegans and vegetarians ensuring that the free from segment are also catered for.
Developing on the breakfast theme, customers can select a combo meal which includes a medium bowl of cereal and toast or a choice of 18 flavoured pop tarts finished up with a tea/coffee/juicebox all for £5.
Consistent elements of nostalgia linked to keeping it real will be reinforced with their retro interior decked out with vintage cereal memorabilia to keep eyes and mouths busy. Vintage TVs even play childhood cartoons during their “Saturday Morning Breakfast Club” among other events.
The breakfast and brunch occasion is one that has grown significantly over the past number of years and particularly for the Millenial cohort who have built social connections around breakfast. Hitting nostalgia and simple pleasures of a variety of flavours and personal choices and customisation this venture is certainly a novel concept that is bang on trend.
In addition, the brothers raised additional investment via an online fund it site offering people the chance to become founders.


By Tom Collins, Dublin